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Who they are

At KLH Conveyancing they can help with all of the issues associated with a property transaction, including contract preparation, contract reviews, negotiation, and settlement.  

Whether you are buying or selling, their dedicated, licensed conveyancer manages all of the conveyancing and property matters we undertake on behalf of their clients, with the backing of an experienced property solicitor where required. Their significant experience and organised approach ensures that their clients’ property transactions are handled as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and in a timely manner.

What we've done

We have been helping KLH with managing their Facebook & Instagram accounts and content creation since may 2019 and we have enjoyed every bit! Their posts have received a lot more attention and their business presence has never been stronger since they came on board with us. Here is a testimonial from the owner, Karen Haga.

"We are using Newnique to manage our Facebook Page for KLH Conveyancing. Since Joel took it over, we have received so many positive comments. His posts are so much better than what we were doing, and gaining far more attention."

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