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You can now enjoy a brand new, high-quality website without breaking the bank.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

We have made the process to get a website for your business, smooth & affordable.



First step is to subscribe to one of the monthly plans. This is either our Webpass option or Webpass+



Once you have subscribed our team then receive the information you provided and we begin the design.



You will get your site demo within a week & then we go through a review process with you to make sure you're happy!

Why Webpass?

Cashflow is a massive killer of business and we want to help our customers fight that with giving them the right tools.

Our subscription base website design is an easy, affordable & fast way to get a brand new website for your business without breaking the bank.


For businesses who are needing a website but don't have the thousands to pay upfront. Webpass is your solution with our affordable monthly subscriptions.


Our team work hard & fast to get your new website in your hands as soon as possible. We also create a landing page for your site within the first 72 hours


We have a team of designers at your disposal for any changes you need to your site once it is live. Had new photos taken? Send them through and we will upload them for you!


24/7 backups & monitoring. That's right, you heard correctly! We have some of the worlds most secure servers hosting your site with regular backups so you are always protected!


Affordable plans

One of our goals is to help small to medium business owners with cashflow & one way we've found to help is subscriptions for our customers, so you as a business can invest your money into your business while also getting a kickass website.


You can now enjoy a brand new, high-quality website every month without breaking the bank. Plus a bonus landing page within 72 hours while we create your webpass site.

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Does your business have blogs? Our Webpass+ subscription enables you to display your blogs on your brand new webpass website. This includes everything in the first package plus the blogs.

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You asked, we answered

We understand that Webpass can be a bit confusing as there isn't anything like this on the market for our industry. We have put together our most asked questions below.

How does the subscription work?

Just like Netflix, our webpass works on a monthly subscription. The subscription is billed each monthly and from the time you subscribe, our team start designing your website.

Once the website is complete we continue to monitor, make changes & keep your site secure so you don't have to worry.

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How long does it take to get my website?

From the time you subscribe, our team start on the design. We first focus on creating a landing page for you where you can gather information and still have a presence while we design your site.

You get this within 72 hours

Then, based on our communication, we can usually get the website out within the first 1 - 2 weeks.

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Do I need professional photos or videos before subscribing?

Nope! We work with many companies to get copyright free photos that we can use as your own. So if you haven't been able to get that photoshoot done, there's no need to worry, we've got you covered!

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Do I need to own a domain before subscribing?

Although it does help, we are more than happy to assist you with your domain hosting/purchasing.

Our team will help you find the perfect domain for your business.

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How much does it cost?

We have made our packages as affordable as possible.

Starting at $250 for the Webpass package and $280 for the Webpass+ package.

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Are there any additional costs?

NO - no hidden costs. What you see is what you get. You subscribe to one of our packages & we provide you with a world class website that will help bring your business to life.

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Do I need to pay for hosting of the website?

Guess what... We have included the cost of hosting the site into the subscription. You're welcome.

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Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can! We said earlier that our main goal is to help business owners with cashflow and sometimes, life happens...

We understand the rollercoaster that business can be so we have done everything we can to make these affordable for you.

If you want to cancel, you can go to your customer portal and cancel at anytime and just like Netflix, once you unsubscribe, you no longer have access to your website and it will be taken down.

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How many changes can I make per month?

As many as you like! Our team of talented designers are at your disposal. The only thing we won't do is create a brand new website for you every month! But we are more than happy to add/remove text, photos, rearrange items, add testimonials and sections to suit your business for that time.

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Is there a support team for Webpass?

Yes there is. We have a team ready to answer your questions or support you with your webpass account.

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