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Who they are

Fit District's mission is to build fitter humans through movement, connection and inspiration. they strive to provide an inclusive fitness experience, while building a community of like-minded individuals . At Fit district, they welcome people from all walks of life, all whom share a common communal goal: to create a healthier lifestyle. They're a community of people who are all moving for the right reason, to be better.

What we've done

One of our latest services is Newnique Links. It is a digital business card and with everything that has gone on since 2020 we have done our best to come up with a safe and innovative way to hand out business cards. Fit district was one of the first clients to join the Digital Business Card world and they did not want to stop there! We have worked alongside Fit district to turn Digital Business Cards into Digital Gym Membership Cards. They have seen great results with their members using Digital Gym Membership Cards and we are pleased to have helped pave the way for what future Gym Memberships will look like!‍

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