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Car Spa Autowash Cafe

Car Wash & Cafe
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February 2, 2019

Say hello to Car Spa Autowash Cafe!

The Car Spa Autowash Cafe combines the latest technology and the best people to wash and detail your car while you relax in the cafe. You can make your car wash a short or lengthy visit, proving to be enjoyable for the whole family. Car Spa Autowash Cafe is three businesses in one to make life simple, including a car wash, car detailing and a cafe.

Car Spa Autowash Cafe was an already established business and was taken over in January 2007 by Car Spa Autowash. Since then, the team has been welcomed and encouraged by the community with positive feedback. Many customers who were not happy with the previous company are coming back raving about the new service. The new team makes people feel more comfortable, have a closer attention to detail and care and understand their customers. Car Spa Autowash have a focus on their customers and are prepared to go further to achieve their customers’ needs and wants. They work to achieve the needs of the individual, whether they are a car enthusiast, a family on a day out or a businessperson on their lunch break. There is something for everyone at Car Spa Autowash, no matter what car you have.

What The Car Spa was looking for

The Car Spa Autowash Cafe were looking at getting their business out into the digital world. We had a meeting with them and talked through what they were looking for and from there we decided that they needed a website to start of so we started working on the content for the site then getting the photos for it and created the layout. Within 3 weeks their site was live and has been going strong ever since!

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