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Who they are

Established 2001 Amber Electrical Services was formed by the current directors Scott Jones and Mark Cossor to service the greater Sydney Metro Area and Western Sydney, combining two already successful contracting businesses into a single entity.

The forming of Amber Electrical Services was to allow a larger more productive workforce to accommodate the growing demands of builders and homeowners across the greater Sydney Metro and Western Sydney area while continuing the quality workmanship that Scott & Mark have always applied to their jobs.

Over the years the team at Amber has changed in many ways due to the demand of our workload and the industry requirements of the time. Our team can handle just about anything we put in front of them, and complete the task with customer satisfaction always at the forefront.

What we did

Amber Electrical needed help getting their name out there during Covid-19. They were not happy with what they had and felt like it was time for an upgrade. So we organised a new way to hand out business cards, our Digital Business Cards are a great way for businesses to share their information with clients without having to worry about Covid. We love working with the team at Amber Electrical. Check out their links below 👇🏼




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