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The Source Byron Bay

Whole food Retail
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May 10, 2019

Say hello to The Source Byron Bay!

The Source Bulk Foods Byron Bay store is a relaxed shopping experience with friendly aware staff who make the customers their priority. They love sharing recipes, tips on how to use their products and taste testings of the newest addition to the store. Easily accessible from Johnson street across from Woolworths, the store is a quiet oasis in the popular bustling northern rivers town.

They offer a wide variety of whole foods, flours, butters, oils, refillables, snacks, nuts, confectionary and cleaning products. You can bring your own container and purchase as much or as little as you need. Owned by Paul and Emma, this store shows their drive to make a difference from other health food stores by reducing packaging waste while offering quality food, has led to this great way of bulk food shopping.

The Opening

Since opening the store in 2013, the store has been enriched by the beautiful, friendly, aware, interested community in Byron Bay. People are really conscious of their impact through what they purchase. The store is managed by Natasha who is always will to impart her knowledge and kindness to every customer. They have two members of staff that follow a vegan diet, offering their help and knowledge in this way of eating.

What The Source Byron Bay We're Looking For

The Source Byron Bay came to us needed someone to help them manage their social media. They were finding it hard to keep up-to-date with all the social media platforms and keeping up their weekly posts as they were focusing on running their business. That's where we come in! We came along side of them and organised their posts and have continued to do so for quite a while now. Since coming on board with us, we were able to bring in a higher amount of engagement on their posts and also work with some influencers in Byron Bay to help them with advertising and getting their brand out into the world of Byron Bay!

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