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February, 2019

Say hello to Newnique Solutions! 👋🏼

Who they are:

With of over 29 years + experience starting & running multiple business’s, Tracey understands exactly what it’s like and the stress and pressures you face. It can be a lonely place running your own business and often hard to see the forest for the trees. Having a trusted advisor working along side you, guiding, bouncing idea's off, drawing on years of experience & resources is what you need to bring about transformation in your business which will in turn transform your life.

Tracey has experience across multiple sectors including training, technology, mortgage broking/finance, human resources, government, property & hospitality. No matter what type or how small your business is we are confident the Newnique Solutions team can help you grow, increase and reach your goals and dreams, you will be surprised at how quickly this can happen.

They speak to many business owners who express similar challenges such as improving profitability, cash flow, productivity, staffing issues and not being consumed by their business.

Now you may be thinking "Why do they have the same name as Newnique?" and the answer to that is, Newnique is our family branding. Newnique Solutions is owned by Tracey New, Newnique Beauty is owned by Chantelle New & Newnique is owned by Joel New. Each business is seperate but we all work together to service our clients!

How we help:

We help Newnique Solutions with their social media marketing, web design & also graphic design. We love working with Tracey! She is amazing at what she does and has helped every single one of her clients!





We Create Premium Graphics and Websites.